Yesterday Woman,,


Yesterday woman,,,

 "Darling,,, I want to be hugged,".

The words that flowed so gently from my lips.Without a scenario,  a plan, things went naive as it is also capable to stoped..I really dont know,,, something like what I say is more appropriate for the "Dear Woman" who at least once I love .She's a simple woman,, as warm as the morning sun in the dreams that we did not realize it seemed too late come true.On forehead,, Kiss like place on an altar painting of a fairy tale story in longer.Mix in all flavors,, , jump like shocked.Look  one by one splinter of time load, full story of anger,,, miss,,, love and care for a loyalty  who do not want to say,,, dead ...

Quiet breath,,, quiet,,, did not flinch in the countdown time during the teen years ago.It's not easy,, not "it never becomes easy when feeling incarnated as a role in the play .Your hugs,,, might be a little treat on me. your eyes are still as soft as the first time I knew you, might be able to wash my miss.A bit when you let me kiss your forehead,,, really,,, as has already been a thousand mountain-Mount separated ....

",,, I want to be hugged,Darling".

Step is empty,,, like the war with the Militants that loss. like flying,,, to the space between the pieces of crystal and then sharply criticized menghujam.Stand by me,,, hunting,,, went blow countless stories so long.I,v try enforce both my legs,,, I let pass by fiber by fiber.So i  foundered in a million frozen feelings,,,, stiff,,, so far unable to who I am. where all this can I start?.

"Do not you feel, what I feel now!,". It feels numb, because this is not a "Set Piece" which I hope.Dat on-day,,, second by second,, the night passed .Just a leaving many torture in Me.So Damn,,,,

"Should this storm,!". I do not know what else can I do.

Blackberry Milk Chocolate color in my hand, pointing clearly at a very Names.Detail up to top-end line numbers looking.Sometimes I want to know by heart,,, then lost,misspelled several times until exhausted and petrified,,, there is no rigid line.Swearrrr,,, I could do more than itu.Sms ???,,, least, that's not me doing.

Occasionally I threw in my view, through a small window tired .Still dismissed clouds. between the cracks a little confusion in the My Small world . hope thousands will be able to separate feelings ,, elevation 3000 feet will help  behind lofty melancholy in My heart.Or might miss,,, Busyness Jakarta will be able to translate all the events of the extraordinary few days, I live ... I hope ...

As usual, some time before the Landing,,, the atmosphere will be far more wisdom than already exists ussually Command . Previous concussion torn fuselage wake up passengers at the their best prayers .Take a  Ticket Aircraft on Jeans pants back.A litle hampered by Safety Belt .So fast somewhat disturbing movement I see where the price at the bottom left .Ehmmm,,, It is not enough for a distance, sometimes . . if you can not expect much on the "Insurance Fate" .Actually you do not "commensurate with the expectations .It's not a fair price ticket is ..... I folded it again, this time I moved in front pocket Jacket Army Green, .Army sticky all week ???... (It had reminded me of someone with a similar jacket,,). Well,,, someone who is always able to make Significant changes in My life and  always .... Suddenly,,, Idea cash roll off,,, quickly find the answer a sheet of paper which they called Ticket plane.

"This is just the price Ideal for a high altitude,". I said mumbling .... Overview noticed mereka.Hikmat like saying,,, Kusyuk like a death will soon deposit menjemput.Segera kualirkan my prayers in more serene 100 people Passenger petakutan itu.Pasrah total,,, hoping that by "Destiny's Promise" which they hang on Flight ini.Tak forget,,, muster all my greatest expectations,,, piggybacking on their belief of "proximity with the Lord" when it is at a certain altitude.

"God is above there!". That's the slogan about the times I've heard from the humans on Earth there.As they know very well,,, where it was the Lord ....

The day after tomorrow, must go to Surabaya againt.This Plan again,,, and maybe,,, The woman again.

"You can see every time you want, just to meet,". Just to see you say!. Simple as that what you know?!. Like you I never could understand how much I loved you first ... Ahh,,, it was enough already of all,,, I drew in breath so tight. sadly there need to be loss.But love that was never wrong.We both, only small actors in the history ,,, now, ,, or maybe later,,, is only entitled time..And phrase you are part of all this.Let it like this,,, always like this,,,

"Forget about the incident yesterday!". I'm just a puppet of the Romantic Scene.If a role in this will mean,,, let it mean like what should happens.Not by our power,,, nor by engineering-engineering in the scheme of our love a Both.And if you insist to know ,,, You are "artifacts" in a small space at the side my heart.All ensure that love did not have to have the answers ... Is not this what you want ???....

"Your husband will soon come!". If not for you, at least for two beautiful daughters..,, Happy with your family ... Always Be Happy ...

You know,,, that I was not suppose, nor do I also was berimaji.Karena has exceeded almost all of the shadows,,, see it,,, a real plunge in the context of the realities of the same timeframe .many and new lessons have I got.Very very amazing experience great ... Then ....

Evv,,,, He is the Women Yesterday .forgive me please  if I say see you .So with all humility and admiration for him, I place it was in the Most Beautiful Women in the world (No.9).  One Level better than Joanna (It's on First guitar).

Thank you for allowing me the meeting I had.God in time and place true.,,, I was awakened by the romanticism of love ini.Yes,,, I still have that love,,, something that so far I do not treat with normaly.Borrow sentence of my best friends: Love is a Treasure that God bestowed on us ... Thank God .....

Foot Note: artifact = who objects historic value.

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