"I think we are the most powerful men in this world ..."
     Because I've heard about many people who became insane, unable to do anything about it and experiencing heavy pressure when faced with challenges and difficulties that not even the tip of the nail was compared with that we experienced ....
Oh ... yeahhh .....
     Pop culture promoted by Melancholy songs of farewell meetings and took on the feel bored, tired and dull by those words ... "To be no longer feels ,"... Any man said, "Feel Brooo get his guns," or even further,,,,  (standard really Man ,,,).
     Once ,,, so easy and so stupid I forgot Paras's a beautiful motherly friend,, (Doi turned out much prettier than the picture ...) I first chance conference, which only then I realized a dream Female Figure that will definitely make a lot of  undaunted men emotionally! Hi,, Hi,, Hi,,, sorry ya,,, but I did not intentionally ,,,,,,
"But this is different,!!"
     The meeting that I really want,,, yes,,, I miss the greatest greeting a man with a million stories in dozens of jam-packed story ever and we will travel together .... I can assure you! It definitely will ..... Amazinggg,,,, Conferences second greatest man that is ready flame up Love & Anger in the graveyard of time that unbearable ...... Crazy .!!!!
"I think we are the most powerful men in this world ..."
Because we never fearless like them ... War, peace, love and hate we consider only the illusion ... And tomorrow is the priority that should we wake up from this moment ....
"Tomorrow Never Knows"
     Your life is too short to not have the right attitude as shown by this friend .. Straightforward, brave and have a positive perception of life will be gone through later. (Including Philosophy future and freedom their dreaming,,).
"I prefer to go out and take risks than stay home and rest content with what I've achieved,". few words that still sempet I remember .... G "luck ....
So ... "I'll come see you,,,, for sure,,,, as a man !!!".
     And I promise to forget Ballad of a million messages on the hard look on his face that you carry ...
C, U,,, My friend ...... 

By: Agusdewi

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