WOMAN'S    (The Song)

Polite words said
Reveal immense inspiration 
Beautiful temperament, intelligent face-to-eye 
Is this woman,,,, woman

Indescribable sincerity 

Bright beauty of the heart clearly illustrated 
Color the world, honest attitude unreadable 
Story of poet-bard

Reff:   You,,, woman         

            Is that when you fall in love        
           You,,, woman         
            Love simple, elegant charming

Conscience radiated happiness 

Friendly smile of a woman symbol 
Peaceful world, dispersive fragrant flowers 
Ohhhh,,,, I was the charm

Chorus; Tenderness is strength'            

              Character into the sun             
              Spread your patience horizon             
              Present to the world peace love

Song/Lyric: Agusdewi
Contact author for the songs in their entirety.

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