Why  a Mirror?, A body that I never thought a fool, because the innocence and honesty .Also no longer being kind to him because it never looked "one eye" on how to view me.he ... he ... he .. excuse me ....
     Adipati Karno??? It's also not a popular choice because of the history of a more pro Squad Five Pandavas with the philosophy of kindness from all the rhetoric of victory .. its ok,, what a name?.
     Let the mirror into a mirror with the duties and nature as a thing that could even be highly sought after when he lost or had begun to blur the reflections because too many were forced to convey a portrait of dishonesty on the attitude of the owner ... And let the same fate remains forever Adipati Karno a black defendant upon saves on Kurawa stronghold, despite what he make for history has been far beyond the complexity of the difference between good and evil in excess of what people believe .... And he was the real fighter True, though without ever smell armpits goddess Draupadi. (Participation in the archery competition to fight the goddess Draupadi, Break Off just because he was the son of a Sais).
"You are still the greatest friends!.
"Katon ngibarat Tanpo ning impen / wong ngangsu banyu samudro / donyo wong ora-leren leren kerjo Dening, wong kerjo jroning pandongo ..."
"Kang ginambar jroning pangimpenmu kuwi Cetho tumprap wis wong donyo / Dongo, kerjo nyawiji anggebyur samudrone riwe".
     If we look at the whole,, adaptation of the musician's words  Sujiwo Tejo this becomes clear picture of the correlation between the world and the work becomes absolutely necessary for humanism.Whatever it!, Without having to think about the results and rewards that we will get later . A demonstration Sincerity has millions of times we see and then we ignore that the body turns away from the mirror ... And is not about loyalty Consistency Adipati Karno also never received proper recognition ???!!!... Ahhhh ... this is probably just a defense of so many political defeats, economic, and cultural destiny we've ever experienced. "You know the answer,". 


     One thing is for sure,, Kindness still a virtue, and sincerity is a validation of the attitude that we ought to maintain consistency without having to feel the need to busy to explain the content of the meaning of all this step inch by inch ... and so far, prepare yourself as soon as you have been in a higher level than yesterday .... G 'luck ...
    "Ohhhh .... another mirror, mirror again ,!!". Congestion forced me to walk all over my favorite bike in the braking-in (understandable,,, the only one who tie!). Being good opportunity to be able to relax the muscle- neck muscles for a moment ... until suddenly,,, ehmmm,,, movement halted beside the windshield that the proud do not want to thank my eye for a bit just to enjoy the atmosphere inside the symbol of luxury AC. Thats helmet looks just as the concept of privacy if it is adjacent to their incompetence. " Basic mirror! "
     Ladies first ... or in other words, "a beautiful first ..." I let him accidentally stepped on the gas earlier while allowing my eyes to enjoy its beauty and luster glass paint ... but,,,
     "Oh,,,, my God !!!". I almost could not believe what I see, "Mad!" Grand Livina ..!!! "The dream car,Mas".So sweet words were never spoken of a "Special Woman". How could such a ghost appears and unwanted time and place .... "How come he's he again??" he .. he .. he ... so much to be said by the Mirror, without needing to know the time, situation and emotional state I have to admit in this periods.May be intension mirrors the strength of mind, how to delivery of an unconditional honesty and consistency ... like how the Adipati holds promise for the task although these obviously never afford to pay for what ever Kurawa gives ...
     I quickly want to go home.Hurry up go Home.More fast again to facing the mirror and I'm just a series of room for apology by the story of the day .I'm sure he will not be angry and sneering all the vanity for this.She also would not have laughed at me for what natural days ll I'm sure,,, very, very confident that he will provide many new lessons again for me.All about attitude, sincerity, hard work, life, and God knows what else honesty he will say.
     With it, we find a new reality in the disclosure of truth and magic in this life.
So,,,Adipati Karno? Is a gold record from a piece of the story of the mirror itself .........

 by : Agusdewi

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