The Romance On A Glass of  Tea  

"Love is Love is nothing if being quiet".
Love is love that comes from the heart that will be meaningful when it is dedicated.
     The biggest weakness of most humans is the "inability" to express Love & Unfortunately when the opportunity was still there.One thing is actually very easy & simply.To do what can you do now!
     My silence is my inability,,, let the guitar-the guitar is quiet,,, dumb as invite the spirit and the potential therein tones flying alone.
     "Get your own Love is ,!!". possible sentences that young man was said. Nobody knows, and even he himself never know, let alone a bullet that has been ejected from the heart .... I do not know .... I do not know .....
     Step constant red needle on the clock seemed to sound noisy, not relent thundering breath and heartbeat of the man who still remain silent,,, such as counting back tones of history knows how many tens of millions have been collated and pour it in a lot of graffiti canvas -strokes of the fingers that so strong.Notes-record the song as he often says "All my possessions" to every friend who had stopped in her tiny room. 


     "Ssruupppp ,,,," like never willingly left behind precious moment from the warmth of his glass of tea,,, his eyes wide open gradually .. "This is his moment,!!" (Again possible, a sentence that's what he was shouting).
Um,,,, Um,,,, Um,,, humming "The promise of the Holy" Yovie & The Nuno his eloquent their sang of distinctive raspy vocal ... A good Intro to change laziness be an opportunity for improving attitudes and ethos self-employment .... G 'luck.
     The following scattering dots paper disc memory that song he straightened, is also a sitting position to a place that "should" on a small piece of carpet favorite, where she can easily reach most of the guitar-guitar and close enough to touch the piano keys with his left hand.
     In the southern edge of the city shaded & Inspiring ,,, a 'Little Adventurers' being  blessing by Idea & wild ideas about love with all the complexities of his heart. "It needs serious handling, hard work and unwavering consistency,! " he muttered. "Work,! Employed! And Employment ,!!!",( also remain rhythmic screams Even in Mid Tempo favorite), while maintaining sincerity and humility in order to awake emptiness Conscience in maker.Be prerequisite for happiness Emotional in the human soul ....
     For a moment,, the man began to smile,,, prepare yourself for a positive omen Significant changes in life, love and his future later.His spent last  Tea warm (normally warm guns again kaleee yeee,,,)
Yes,,, Make Love as a real job,,, Love that can not be silent  ... Say,,,, and find that happy-happy joy .... 

By ; Agusdewi

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