"The story behind the songs"

     This is a new project there after all these same old same .We,ve busy with work each becomes difficult to find time together. In the end, Sunday 11 July 2010 we can place a Recording Studio in the region to immediately take Bintaro Vocal Take these two songs for Ramadan.
     Annisa, he was the singer who would bring two songs .Without need a lot of exercise, enough to understand a little and listen to a song lyric that had me give you some time ago. Good understanding, his power of improvisation is more than what I once thinks.It,s very good. She was a simply, comfortable to talk, intelligent and beautiful voice so charm. She has become famous singer .. oooohhh ,,,,,, 


     Although a bit sick because the weather in Jakarta is not good, she still sang with beauty.So us a chance to linger in the studio to see young children playing bands that kept us entertained. Thanks Nisa,,, I'll make good songs that match your voice, I promise. Make me more loving zeal .Always writing work, composing songs and then we'll play together again. That night we go home.Dinner at a Mall in Lebak Bulus.So sorry  if I talk too much about many topics.I hope  this could be an appropriate learning media for us .Night, I also take him to her home.See with a happy family .Some with a high religious level. 

     "You must be happy with your family you have,". I said in one conversation when we on vihicle.And then  road after saying goodbye, and I gave him the CD results of his voice, I went home to wait for the World Cup Final 2010. Netherland My dear,,, which I always choose and like.Always hope that the Champions came true.Till morning until I go to work ..As a habits continue, Two Again this will immediately send to me One famous dangdut singer Indonesia. successful and become a job we love. 

     "Love your work, so that work may also loves us ".....

By: Agusdewi

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