Angel Of The Same

     Learn up to the State China.Being remember of China, to me means a philosophy that continues 
 a round up.Some times Wheels above, occasionally in down,around  again and so on. 8 Year latter.All have been and will changed.Color cracks the sky, hiding the warm morning sun, a black bird in died Elegy .But Crow, there is the same,,, remains the same when the change was also starting to look at the  ours body-.Still tiny body are the same when accumulated injustices of life began to feel an acute and uncontrollable. And still have not changed, even when four small boys have been so tired trying to forget their true revenge tightly in his arms limitation increasingly venting anger intensity Meeting to crawl on top. Yaaa,,, "Angel of the same",,, Back again. Flash he turned on my face.Likes  as before, passed without the slightest smile and sense of sins.As just want to make sure that I'm the little man he ever met eight years ago another word..Silented!!! without a word went away. "You should also change ,!!". O Angel of Death, My wish to meet directly in the War was not the slightest Imagi who doesn't hear.Shoot down, remove the soul from the confines of the human body, then disappears .Loss by wind & furrow  singing bamboo trees that nearly half of our yard. "I am opposed to you, O Angel commensurate ,!!". Deadly Viper on my storm muffled, hearing barely .Slowly frenzied cries swallowed up in the tragedy-themed theatrical nuance to-2 series itu.Sekuel precise, more powerful, better feel the touch of tragedy has been sold.The melancolicles compared with the goddess Draupadi in a story written by RA Kosasih. Comics we read it. Chalk Box.From receipt of weight & friction in it, I can assure that its contents must be in the form of coins pocket  mainstay friends itu.As a Elementary School near the gas station sign condolence & taste about Solidared.All about remorse drive out the right sentence most small children are forced to give up chocolate ice my dear.One reason-Patent-worthy in his heart & soul of the nation's sons and daughters of the router.      I looked at ones. Thanks dedicated translate sentences passed in the form of pop glazed concrete realization of the two ball eyes. innocent faces were silent, turning occasionally, away from face-to prick my eyes as if not knowing how to put up front that "fits" in the new moment like this. It occurred to me, they must have been missed, so will miss out loud when the Class Chairman should lead the prayer at the beginning lessons .So,,,.Learning on School  feel important as a bit of strife erodes my memory My world is different with the Angels earlier. Carambola under shady trees beside a small leader sat down as side home.An unsteady hands, limp like flying.So far of the earth who have swallowed the second pillar of self protective .Still People flying, but had nevertheless clouds penetrated .Uncertain in strokes long brick foundation, the foundation of the building's teak Grandfather's house . police captain who had once revered.
     Missing all about gladness, invisible water dashing  of like when Pole was solid in my hand.Jump, flexible, thin over the bar more than two times the heightly., stranded in a wave of increasingly nan Providence injustice all fantasized.Empty , hope to dent the deepest abyss, leaving the dream has not had time to knit neat though.
And either frozen  now stuck in the heads of innocent third has started..Life too early have been the oldest, most Dodot.As sure grieving party should at once be proud to remember his death means the Appointment of a Chairman of the four readings in each night ..His ages not very worthy indeed, but routine Kho Ping Ho had made really.Yet Leading away from the track again as a big talent "True capitalists, even without heart". It shall be capable of providing a color unique to the fore the reality of the world someday.
     The difference is only one year, I am the living witness of all instincts so bad. clear predictions,when he was still enforce the "right" to drink his milk, when the party budget was only enough for third subsidy .second  postition,sister who lead me on the situation of deterrence & Maker Alternative new to defeat the increasingly.Danger Probability ....
     Ary,, the Arjuna's Necklace Intestine is perhaps the most awaited play.His Silents form carbide without .Sad  like fireworks in the pop-pop .Worried balance between the attractive light from the side that he met on the second wing players.The best that will only run if the ball was right in between her legs.
     The lasting,Susy . full fat figure who answered landslide ideals child's father about the mythology of Women. "Be a mother to the three sister-sister,!". That phrase right if a will had written our parents.
     Death is like the rotations. childbirth fear very much, anxiety deepest & the destruction of the Citadel last defense, then leaving only debris fragments of melancholy in the form at the foot of the sky dream of livin.Starting too sharp so and so hard.Likes Fight First Round Evacuation of sounds.Tim hard work . Legislature did not want to fall behind in decision-making decisions that feel right inportant.Susy a woman to keep her aunt a friend affairs as well as major stakeholders trinket at home.As a friends & balanced sparing partner ahead of grandparents . end she was the only role of Protagonist telenovela occupancy of intrigue and complexity of cultural differences that age. Ary,,, would not want to be reinforced as soon as possible so that the horses legs will not easily shaken when she had to bear the heavy burden on every inch of time after school in Tuban out there. wooded area of water from the well bucket and hose pacing parent's favorite plants, excluding any man. busy stall which seized full alert throughout the economy lovely village youth .. I,,, although sounding more big mentereng. . Surabaya Zoo, crowds by the new marjkets, the famous bus level, and the soldier's family with five brothers as new actually . Militarisasi does happen. typical gutter child, discipline hard to change mentalities within a second.Fluktuasi emotional, moral, always moving irregularly, sometimes quickly darted like an arrow is not clear target.
Slightly different,,, the "Bird's Head" we, Dodot.As a been fate, Lady Luck is always embedded in a rich wide . kindly gave asylum without major syarat. as a true Capitalist Media find it without proper care, such as child lion who returned in their original habitat.
Wherever chimney crawl,,, Wheels will continue to throw our Azrael .A Angel give me bonus status as an Orphan. Stepmother obsolete about cruelty to the stage that seemed nyata.Plus various modes deprivation and abuse little boys conscience without power.
"Words just do not feel sorry for" not enough ". people shouted in my uncle physically obvious pedigree  smile. "Mind your own child was difficult,". Once approximately scenario in insular shell . ignoramus he left, hiding the face of the backbone.May be this is the reason, why God did not give humans the ability to view their own back?. From behind , I could have caught him, like a devil who was proud that a successful human being stuffed in Hell occupancy later ... Go to Hell ....
     There was nothing we could do, there's no justification.Any trampled ground, was the sharp stones .Every we breathe air, like a meteor chunks of hot stab to the heart & our little heartburn. Whether the role & what sin we've had to endure until the conflicts that typically explode at the peak of the event, became the first episode will either end up how it goes. It is still too young .Takles a walls of coral in the loss ocean . who gasped one-one because of large waves North Sea.
Before I could I ended this paper, shrill tone to wake me up from a sitting Blackberry which seemed less .Without has been thinking all sorts, I read the message:
"It has been my beloved mother dies from a my best friend .Inna Lillahi,, Wa Inna Illaihi Rajiuun". So danggeerrrrr .... She came again!!!. Angel the Same has grabbed one of my best friend.Likes heart was thrown from the sky Seven level, I feel my body .So many sentence for a moment that made my lips quivered, forced to stretch the tip of the sword as was the distance of the Angel..The gun is ready!. He showed his strength  never missed, not perhaps one Ekseleration .Show off their skill.
     "This is not just any Messages,!". This is clearly a high provocation .Caming with riding level "message" in the timeframe that he planned way before .... Trying to scare me, yes, scare me. Attraction felt my breath so long but not in levels. all power, ready to sign war in flag immediately,,,,
"You may be afraid of all those O's Angel!". But not me .....
The fight is only a matter of time. "It's just a matter of time ,!".....
All of which now exist,,, First ever and all that now exist,,, Tomorrow will be there ... Until the same angel came back again ... more .....

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